We know that growing your list can feel like a risky investment, often with a long payback horizon. At GPS Impact we do everything we can to make your investment a surefire success.

Early investment is one of the most consistent indicators of success for email programs. You’ve probably seen the hockey stick graph for digital fundraising. The key to making it happen? Early investment.

Every client is different and so is every acquisition plan. For most clients we recommend a mix of fixed cost direct acquisition and variable cost social advertising with trusted partners. When given time, we start with smaller test budgets to find specific data for your list to inform larger investments.

Theresa Greenfield for Iowa started the cycle with a small list that became a fundraising juggernaut. Using our in-house Launchpad tool, third-party data, and lookalike audiences we identified high-quality potential donors that helped grow the list many-fold. Top performing sources saw over 500% ROI in some cases.


Direct-to-donate advertising can be both an injection of high ROI cash, and an effective way to grow your list. By giving users an immediate opportunity to give, they are self-qualifying as high impact targets for any list.

Search advertising is a great way to identify those looking to give with the right push. This is particularly important during key moments, such as debate or opponent flubs. When Sen. Joni Ernst committed to rushing through a Supreme Court nominee, search advertising helped bring in over $700,000 for Theresa Greenfield in just 48 hours.

Of course, we can also seek out targets using social and network placements. Getting fresh creative with hard asks in front of both audiences who know your candidate or cause and new faces helps shore up fundraising and create new donors.