Narrative Matters

Our approach recognizes that every organization, campaign, and candidate is different. We work to find the authentic voice that will resonate with you supporters, while still using proven tactics and messaging. We believe the specifics of a race matter. Congressman Andy Kim in NJ-03 narrowly won his first election in 2018 and that margin was central to the story of his online fundraising program in 2020. That differentiation from other Frontline candidates helped the Kim campaign raise over $1.1 million online.

Infrastructure Matters

While the Theresa Greenfield for Iowa campaign started with a small list, we worked with them to build a juggernaut of an email program. Our narrative leaned into Theresa’s compelling history and the fate of the Senate majority. When the first post-primary poll showed the race was a dead-heat, we were able to immediately make the case that owa was the “tipping point” race. The program saw a huge bump in fundraising across all platforms that we were able to expand and capture. In 2020 alone, we helped the Greenfield campaign raise more than $36 million online.

Specifics Matter

Gubernatorial candidates sometimes struggle to leverage the national environment, but we’ve found success creating unique profiles for candidates in difficult states. In 2018, Laura Kelly ran to slam the door on the last eight years of a failed administration in Kansas. Together, we raised $1 million online by building a dedicated list of highly active subscribers and helped flip a gubernatorial race that most people had written off. In the same cycle, we used a mantra from Andrew Gillum’s grandmother and focused on his campaign to “bring it home” for Flordians. By investing early in an aggressive digital program when few others were paying attention, we finished the race raising $5.6 million online.

Testing Matters

Digital tools give us instant feedback to refine and optimize programs. Across programs we’ve tested just about everything for clients and have seen the difference fonts, button colors, subject lines, and senders can make. We believe in testing and re-testing early so that at high impact moments you can be confident you’re putting your best foot forward.