By investing in opposition Google Search, campaigns and organizations can capture high-intent voters who are looking for information about their opponents. Search ads also help shape voter perception by putting the most persuasive and powerful messaging directly in front of these information-seekers.

Capturing these impressions is especially valuable on mobile devices, where searchers may only see the first link. At GPS Impact, we partner extensively with Google to stay on top of search trends and remain a leader in the industry.

During the 2020 election cycle, the surge in voting by mail was mirrored by a proportional increase in search volume for candidate information. This data indicates that voters who had received their ballots in the mail then turned to Google to find additional information. This was a golden opportunity for candidates to frame perceptions of their opponents among voters who were actively seeking out information about them online.

Capitalizing on this increased search volume, GPS implemented search campaigns that targeted an opponent’s name and directed voters to unflattering information available on local news sources, or opposition sites curated specifically for this purpose.