Website Development

At GPS Impact, we offer an internal creative and web development team to meet all of your design needs. From full fledged web design and landing page construction to email and social graphic design, we have the team to meet your needs. With our web developers and creatives on staff in-house, we are able to take your ideas from conception to reality in a fraction of the time.

Our creative and development team are familiar with all the major platforms available to campaigns – NGP, BlueState Digital and Nationbuilder – as well as popular content management systems and email platforms that are more commercially used.

In addition to our experienced design and development team, GPS Impact offers a custom CMS platform, RootsKit, making updating and maintaining your website as easy as possible for the client. Websites will be easily modified, updated and adjusted from day one. The RootsKit interface is designed for even the most inexperienced users while still offering powerful tools that keep your website on the cutting edge.