Matt Denner

Digital Media Strategist

Matt Denner engages voters and volunteers for non-profits and campaigns through creative online and offline organizing.

A veteran of advocacy and political campaigns including President Obama’s 2008 Iowa team and CREDO SuperPAC, Matt has served as a field organizer, GOTV director, fundraiser, and digital strategist. He has helped top-tier Senate and gubernatorial candidates, national advocacy groups, and fired-up community activists to communicate clear, engaging, and credible messages — messages that helped build their base, raise money, and win real victories. He not only knows how to use the best tools and tactics –- he understands how to develop strategies that uses them to achieve your goals.

In 2003, he ran for a city council seat while still attending Iowa State University as an undergrad. As a former communications director, radio host, and opinion columnist, Matt is passionate about communicating for maximum impact.

Outside of organizing, Matt is an avid supporter of the arts, has canoed 83 miles of rapids on the Rio Grande, dominates his local trivia league, and is the only person he knows whom has actually slipped on a banana peel.

Matt is a proud native of Iowa, where we pick the presidents.