Mark Langgin


Mark Langgin brings a wealth of experience to GPS Impact from working both inside and outside state government on issue advocacy, ballot measures, lobbying, and political campaigns. Prior to joining GPS Impact, Mark served as Deputy Chief of Staff to the Iowa House Majority Leader and as Campaign Manager for Iowa’s Water & Land Legacy which, when funded, will be the largest conservation ballot measure in U.S. history – protecting over $150 million per year for conservation programs in the State of Iowa.

Mark has worked with a number of local and national conservation organizations including The Nature Conservancy, Trust for Public Land, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, Pheasants Forever, and Ducks Unlimited. He continues to serve as Executive Director for Iowa’s Water & Land Legacy – a coalition of over 130 conservation, environmental, and outdoor recreation organizations who support funding Iowa’s Natural Resources & Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund.

FUN FACT: Mark has spent significant time in a van touring the U.S. as a drummer in the early 2000’s. Ask him. He has stories. Not good stories, but stories nonetheless.