Andrew Brau

Senior Digital Media Planner and Buyer

Andrew is a veteran political professional with over three cycles of state wide campaign experience in Iowa, Michigan, and New Hampshire. Prior to joining the team at GPS, Andrew began his career organizing in rural Iowa for President Barack Obama. Since then he has served as an aide to both Congressman Bruce Braley and former Lt. Governor Patty Judge.

Outside of politics, Andrew lead a team of attorneys and support staff in recruiting over 15,000 corn farmers to join in litigation against a multinational corporation for their role in destroying US corn market. The first of what will be several bellwether trials concluded with an award of $218 million dollars to 7,300 Kansas corn growers.

As a member of the paid media team, Andrew’s diverse experience in campaign, public, and private sectors allow him to better understand our client’s day to day needs and how digital advertising can help our clients meet their campaign goals.

Andrew attended the University of Iowa earning BA’s in both Political Science and History in 2011. Andrew is based in Des Moines, Iowa.