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GPS joined Senator Tammy Baldwin’s re-election campaign to help change the narrative of the race from close and competitive to safe and out of reach for Republicans and ultimately win re-election.

GPS’s main priorities to achieve these goals were to inoculate Senator Baldwin from attacks regarding the Tomah VA, persuade voters through niche targeted ads and messaging, protect Tammy Baldwin’s brand among Wisconsin voters, utilize the opposition research in creative and targeting of our search program and ultimately mobilize key voting blocks and make sure they showed up on Election Day.

Senator Baldwin’s voter contact program was able to evolve and pivot many times over the course of the campaign to react to changing race dynamics. In the primary, GPS helped Republican voters make informed decisions about potential opponents. In the general, GPS focused on the following lanes: TV reach extension, persuasion, mobilization, specialty outreach, and search. The program was strategic and purposeful in its rollout, beginning with light TV extension over the summer, persuasion in September, niche messaging following in early October and mobilization gearing up in Week 2.

The digital ads program utilized audience-based targeting to voters across the issue spectrum, ranging from those who were likely to support legalizing marijuana to dairy farmers – helping Senator Baldwin win Trempealeau and Jackson counties — counties that the Democratic gubernatorial candidate lost.

The digital program served over 40 million impressions and helped Senator Baldwin secure reelection by over 11 percent.