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GPS started working with the Serve America team right after the PAC had rolled out their first round of endorsements in 2017. At this beginning stage, the organization had minimal online presence and was mostly just known to DC insiders. GPS was tasked with growing Serve America’s brand online and establishing it as a critical entity in the effort to take back the House through the Serve America PAC endorsements.

In order to grow the PACs online presence, GPS developed a strategy that included running and testing numerous types of digital ads with multiple goals. First, we ran email acquisition ads and third party list buys to grow the list from zero to over 100,000 contacts. We also ran display and engagement ads to increase brand recognition among liberal audiences across the country.

In addition, we helped to define the organization’s messaging on and offline and supported several rounds of endorsement rollouts.

On Election Night, when Democrats took back the House, at least 17 of those victories were Serve America-endorsed.