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GPS Impact played a key role in securing Democrat Laura Kelly’s victory over Kris Kobach by strategically growing her email list, developing and protecting her online brand and using audience based targeting/modeling to deliver targeted messaging to key mobilization groups.

The Laura Kelly campaign started with an email list of less than 500 subscribers, but had a limited acquisition budget of $12,000. GPS used a combination of tactics, including Facebook conversion ads, third-party list appends, and list swaps to grow the list with 10,150 paid emails with an average cost per acquisition of $1.18 and an additional ~17,000 organic names.

Through the digital fundraising program, we raised $1,023,013.99 in 11 months, primarily from gifts $250 and below. One critical piece of this fundraising program was a strong recurring contribution program that raised nearly $10,000/month.

GPS also ran digital voter contact programs for both the primary and general elections. The voter contact program was constructed with specialty content designed to mobilize key constituencies and mirror the television media. This creative execution resulted in 964,850 total pre-roll impressions and 991,760 total impressions from social video. Additionally, we ran a Google search campaign that resulted in 612,557 impressions and 18,512 clicks.

Laura Kelly ended up beating Kris Kobach by nearly 6 percent and had the best Democratic performance of governors races nationwide. Laura outperformed Kansas’s partisan lean by almost 28 percentage points. (Kansas leans about 23 percentage points to the GOP, and Kelly won by about 5 percentage points.)