• Digital Advertising
  • Strategic Communications
  • Website Development

As a ballot measure committee focused on passage of “Amendment 1: Florida’s Water & Land Conservation Amendment”, Florida’s Water and Land Legacy tasked us with branding, developing & launching a high impact website and social media presence to effectively grow their supporter base and increase campaign contributions.


The simplicity of the new design allows for users to easily sign-up across all platforms and devices.


Our goal was to evolve the campaign logo but ensure that it still celebrated the beauty of the Florida’s natural habitat while emphasizing the main message of the ballot measure.

fwll_homepage_1 fwll_contribute

It was essential to have a responsive design that allowed the website contribution pages to be easily accessed and navigated with devices of any kind.


Creating an interactive ‘About’ and ‘Action Center’ allowed the user to easily navigate through the sections.


In addition to the digital creative crafted for the campaign, we created several fun stickers, posters and campaign merchandise.

Advanced targeting and data-driven ad placements engaged the right audience with our specific message.

Constant testing and message optimization was essential to running a successful fundraising email program.