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GPS managed digital strategy and online fundraising for Conor Lamb’s campaign for Congress in the special and general election in 2018. As a first-time candidate, Conor Lamb started with no email list or following, so GPS had to quickly expand the program before the March special election.

GPS quickly expanded his list by drafting surrogate emails for most prominent Pennsylvania Democrats, arranged numerous delayed swaps, ran email acquisition ads and direct-to-donate ads, and partnered with Democratic political figures for sponsored sends.

Unlike some other special election candidates, whose firms focused on “churn and burn” tactics, GPS Impact focused on content, message, and engaging content.

In the special election, GPS helped Conor Lamb defeat his Republican opponent Rick Saccone by 755 votes in a district that Donald Trump won by 20 points. In the general election, Representative Lamb defeated Representative Rothfus 56.2% to 43.8%.

In total, Conor Lamb for Congress raised $6,558,855 online since starting with GPS, with over $4,867,897 in online donations $250 or less.

In addition to online fundraising, GPS Impact ran online voter contact programs to extend the reach of television media to key audiences.