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GPS was brought on ahead of Abby’s congressional campaign to help her become one of the youngest women ever elected to Congress and one of the first women elected to Congress from Iowa. GPS was brought in to build an email list focused on fundraising, manage her social media accounts, and create and maintain a campaign website. GPS also ran their online ads program to mobilize voters in both the primary and general elections.

Ahead of the launch, we developed a strategic plan to grow the email list through:

  1. The anticipated excitement of the campaign launch
  2. A modest paid program focused on targeted acquisition ads and list rentals
  3. List swaps with geographically relevant campaigns/candidates that would have names relevant to the district.

Once the campaign was launched and the initial excitement around Abby’s announcement dissipated, GPS used more localized messaging and a tactile approach that helped grow the list to more than 90,000 and met our aggressive fundraising goals.

As the election grew closer, GPS leveraged rapid response moments into successful acquisition and D2D ad campaigns, along with a large scale voter mobilization ads program that mobilized targeted voters ahead of the general election.

In the end, Abby Finkenauer won her election by almost 5 percent – becoming one of the first women to serve in Congress for Iowa and one of the youngest women ever elected to Congress nationwide.