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Masters of the integrated media approach.

Staying idle is not an option. We are constantly learning, adapting and adjusting our approach to the media and communication landscape to push the boundaries of what is possible in digital, television and direct response. We put our clients first, not our own egos.


GPS Labs

We provide cutting edge data and development services that work as the hub of your online community, brand or issue.Learn more »

Media Buying

Our digital advertising solutions include sophisticated targeting, planning and execution. All programs include continuous optimization and analysis, ensuring that your message delivered to your precise target audience. Learn more »

Media Production

The media landscape is changing. We’ve always said that if you’re trying to decide whether to spend your budget on TV or digital, you’re asking the wrong question. Learn more »


Our creative decisions are always based on what we believe will have the strongest impact on the intended audience based on the available data for that group. Learn more »

Direct Response

No two candidates are the same—no two states, no two voices and no two campaigns. We develop a message and a program customized to each unique campaign. Learn more »

Public Affairs

You need audience-driven messaging, powerful creative and design, and seamless integration across all channels. That’s what we offer at GPS Impact. Learn more »

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